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Building Live's Family Development

Free Training

Building Live's Family Development in Charlotte, North Carolina, we offer youths and adults aged 16–60 years old an opportunity to gain hands-on work experience at various stadium events and community activities. Our team will organize three or more group meetings for applicants to work on Recognizing, Achievements, Values, Independence, Relationships, Acceptance, Belonging, and Security (R.A.V.I.R.A.B.S.). 

R.A.V.I.R.A.B.S. sums up the most essential values that we want to instill in our applicants’ minds, and this will be discussed in detail during the seminars. Once the applicants have attended these series of meetings, they will begin their training at one of our organization’s contracted locations. We will train them for:

 Stage1- Team Meeting 

Preparing for a Better Me

  • Cashier's
  • Customer Service
  • Food Preparation/Cooking
  • Group Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Money Handling

The applicants can work in various Stadiums in Charlotte, North Carolina and New York. They will work as volunteers and will receive incentives for their participation in the job training program. Those who have completed a full sports season will receive a certificate of completion. We believe that we equip them with the necessary skills and character by training them this way. 

Moreover, we give them a higher chance of reaching their goals, whether it is to be employed, to develop their skills through hands-on work experience, to earn a school credit, or to learn experimentally by doing community service.

How You Can Apply

The organizations or groups you belong to may arrange a meeting with our team for a contract signing, agreeing that you will serve Building Live's Family Development for no less than two sports seasons. 

At the end of the season, you will have the opportunity to apply for a seasonal work in the stadium. Rest assured that we will continue to help you secure a permanent employment.

Free Lodging

During the summer, we offer mothers a shelter in our Summer Camp. Their lodging is free of charge, but this is still subject to their individual circumstance. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us today. Our friendly and accommodating staff is ready to assist you with all your concerns.

Becoming a better me

Keion Porch

Analdey - Food Preparation

Nicholas - Cashier

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

With Mrs. Hill - Program founder

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