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(Food Preparation/Cooking)

Building Live's Family Development in Charlotte, North Carolina is going to host a number of events this year. Help us make these happenings successful by sending your donations today.

The homeless rate in North Carolina and New York according to NCCEH is 25% children, 15% Parents, 46% single men, 15% single women, and 9% veterans. In New York, 61,464 people are homeless including 15,501 families with 23,929 homeless children.

Please help us end homelessness. Our target children include those ageing out of group homes, family home care facilities, as well as youth and adolescent centers. We also cater to individuals in shelters and those supervised by the Department of Justice and the Department of Juvenile Justice. Contact Kita Williams at 929-293-5082 or Keyanna Williams at 347-680-3231.

We accept transit city bus passes, toiletries, educational books, computers, used laptops, and other things that might be of help. Our team also accepts restorable properties for our housing compound construction. Donations are tax deductible. You can also send monetary donations via PayPal.



Homeless Shelter


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